Open Letter to all Portuguese

Who are the Diagnostic and Therapeutic Technologists?

Much has been heard about diagnostic and therapeutic technicians, most often in a fleeting way, with little or no enlightening framework about the professions that integrate these professionals.

After all, who are the diagnostic and therapeutic technologists?

Imagine the following scenario:

If a patient …
… has a persistent cough problem, is referred to the pulmonologist.
… has a problem in the eyes, is referred to the ophthalmologist.
… has a heart problem, is referred to the cardiologist.
… has a blood problem, is referred to the hematologist.
… has a stomach problem, is referred to the gastroenterologist.
… needs surgery, is referred to the surgeon.
… needs to have radiotherapy and and / or chemotherapy, is referred to the oncologist.
… needs to do physiotherapy, is referred to physiatrist.
(just to mention a few …)

And do you know who the pneumologist, the ophthalmologist or the cardiologist will call to perform the complementary tests for the diagnosis?
To the superior diagnostic and therapeutic technologist!

And do you also know to whom the hematologist, the gastroenterologist, the surgeon, the oncologist, or the physiatrist call on, so that the complementary tests can be done for diagnosis and therapy?
To the superior diagnostic and therapeutic technologist!

We are many. But we seem so few …

Indeed, there are many people who still believe that we are mere performers, devoid of solid technical and scientific knowledge.
Many others assume that we are professionals who exercise without autonomy and without the ability to work in multidisciplinary teams.
So many others still assume that we are deregulated professions, which are not necessary for diagnosis, which any other professional can or could exercise.

To all those who still believe in this, I can only say:
One day, we went! We were all this!
Now, we are fundamental.
Now, we are key-master at any stage of diagnosis and therapy.

Let me tell you this: we do not want usurpation of functions. We just pretend you people to know us. To let you know who we are and what we do. We just want you to let us exercise. With knowledge. With professionalism. With knowing.
With autonomy. With conscience and dignity.
We want to know that without us, health technologists, it would not be possible neither diagnosis nor therapy …

I leave only one reflection:

If you had to do a complementary diagnostic test, would you prefer to do it with a professional who has studied specifically for four years to gain this competence, or with another health professional?

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